Bund Former with Leveller


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For cultivation of Groundnut, Bellary onion, Ragi, Maize, Black Grame, Coriander, Vegetables, Banana, Papaya, Sappota, Bitter gourd with this Implement it is possible to lay levelled beds, bunds and irrigation channels etc., quickly and perfectly. Drip irrigation system as in Israle Country levelled beds of the size 4 ½’ feet x 250’ feet can be formed. It can conveniently be converted as BUNDFORMER WITH RIDGER by removing the leveller and fixing the Ridger and COCONUT BUNDFORMER by removing or folding the side frames and by fixing the two Bundformers in the middle, required beds and channels size 32” ,34” ,36” ,38” inch can be formed quickly and useful for Mango and Coconut Farms and also for 28” width Sugarcane channels iwc replica watches


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