Bund Former with Ridger


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BUNDFORMER WITH RIDGER by removing the leveller and fixing the Ridger according to the need of the crops. Sugarcane, Cotton, Turmeric, Maize, Vegetables, Country onions etc., can be cultivated. Ridger of the different width according to the need can be formed. Main & sub channels, Beds can also be formed economically. For drip irrigation system like Israle type 1.5′, 2’ , 2.5’, 3’ x 250’ Ridge and Furrows beds can be formed. This implement is very suitable for Cotton, Brinjal, and Sugarcane cultivation etc., With the aid of 120 holes available in the frame, we can form ridge and Furrows according to the need such as 1.5′, 2′, 3’, 3.5′, 4’ feet Spacing . We are manufacturing product according to customer requirement.


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